9 reasons to read Road To Nowhere


It’s a great read – really 9/10 people have a great time reading it. The 10th person while perhaps not enjoying it as much as the others is not hurt in any way, unless you count psychological scarring.

If you don’t normally read science fiction, relax. This is not like regular science fiction. It’s more like social fiction. Yes, there is a space station, yes there are scientists but you should think of these elements as plot or story devices rather than the main concern. The world in Road To Nowhere is very familiar. You won’t feel out of place, but you may feel out of time (that is a climate change joke – see next point).

Climate change is real and we are starting to live through the effects of it. But have you stopped to imagine what might happen a little further down the track? Well now you don’t have to worry because I’ve done that for you and you can sit back and just read about it, safe in the knowledge that what will happen to people after you are dead is much worse than what will happen to you.

Sex – we all like sex. Okay, some people don’t but sex is a part of human existence and while there are some steamy scenes in Road To Nowhere they are not gratuitous. Okay, maybe a little, but sex is in my book because sex has a fundamental impact on human decision-making and I find that fascinating.

Are you interested in reality? Reality according to human beings? I want you to think about that. Our reality is a human one. A dog’s reality is inline with a dog’s perception. If this notion interests you then read Road To Nowhere for more such notions. Be grateful you have the opportunity to read it because a dog can look at the words but won’t be able to construct a meaning from the symbols on the page in the same way you so cleverly can.

It’s called Road To Nowhere for many reasons. As a species we seem intent on a path of self-destruction, but we are also resolute survivors. I find that duality compelling, don’t you?

Don’t freak out about the previous point. Yes it may seem like doom and gloom but there is much fun to be had on the way to oblivion and I’m not at all certain that’s where we will end up. In fact I think we are ultimately much smarter than that. We just have to be wiser about who we let loose on the collective controls of society.

I really care about you, and that’s lovely isn’t it?

I’m asking you really nicely to read Road To Nowhere. Frankly that should be enough. I spent quite a bit of time working on it for you and if you don’t like it once you start then you can choose to stop reading it. It is my humble opinion however, that if you give it a go, you will be surprised, perhaps even enthralled and entertained, quite possibly even delighted with your decision. Who knows, you may even want to share a recommendation with friends. Hey, an author can dream.

Evan Shapiro
Author – Road To Nowhere

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