Are we on a road to nowhere?

What forces are at play behind global warming and its threat to every species?  Is humanity irrevocably heading down a Road to Nowhere?

This near-future page-turner, weaves conspiracy, murder, genius and love into a fast-paced ride across the globe, through the absurd and beyond.

Patrick, Kirby, Ancient and Costas thrust us into the world of corporate juggernaut, PetroSynth, where science, politics and corruption jostle to determine our future. How can so much power over our planet be in the hands of so few?

EvanShapiroRTN_CoverAustralian Paperback

available at the following retailers.

Gleebooks - Glebe/Dulwhich Hill, Sydney

Little Gnome - Wynnum, Brisbane

Also available from the The Three Jewels centre book store New York City.