Are we on a road to nowhere?

What does it mean to be a human being when your species is on a path of self-destruction?

What do global warming, a murder, a religious cult, a young genius, a multinational corporation and a secret space station have in common?

More science friction than science fiction, ROAD TO NOWHERE is a compelling and original page-turner, layered with thought provoking near future imaginings and grounded with humorous observation and insight. Engaging, exciting, funny and sexy, this strange blend of noir, science fiction, satire and philosophy will, one way or another, leave you thinking.

EvanShapiroRTN_CoverAustralian Paperback

available at the following retailers.

Gleebooks - Glebe/Dulwhich Hill, Sydney

Little Gnome - Wynnum, Brisbane

Also available from the The Three Jewels centre book store New York City.