Something about Evan


The second of four children born to loving would-be bohemian parents, I grew up on a diet of independent cinema, junk TV Shakespear and chocolate biscuits. As a toddler I drank Dettol and shampoo and stuck forks into power-points. Growing up I was often reminded by my family that I was lucky to have survived past the age of five. While my parents blamed me for being dangerously active and carelessly inquisitive, I lay the responsibility squarely at their feet for repeatedly leaving Dettol, shampoo and forks within my grasp.

I like to define the resulting confusion from my upbringing as my 'perspective' which I now relentlessly channels into works of fiction.

These day's I like to prod people instead of power-points. I live in Sydney, Australia and divide my time between co-parenting, fixing my father's TV settings, changing my mother's light bulbs, graphic design work, writing, publishing and meditation. It's possible I've found the secret to perfect parenting, but as the answer is endless patience I'm not sure it's any use to anyone, especially myself.