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Background information to my writing projects

I started writing my novel ROAD TO NOWHERE in 1996 as a reaction to stories of global warming in the news. It struck me as alarming then, that as a species we were being very very slow to act. It alarms me even more now. I remember learning about green house gases in primary school and being taught about the life cycle of the sun and what life would be like for people at its different stages. These early encounters with popular science stayed firm in my mind and somehow colluded with a number of other ideas to form this book.

ROAD TO NOWHERE was written over a number of years as I balanced or rather imbalanced my life around work and family. In 2010 I started a new novel, but suddenly put it aside in favour of completing this book. Hitting my mid 40s I felt a great need to actually finish a project especially one I had already invested so much time and energy in.

I’ve experienced a great deal of change over the years of writing this book and that is reflected in its pages. Some aspects I’ve kept to remain faithful to the author I was at 28 when I first outlined the novel. Other elements have pushed their way in over time and finally my current headspace had a good deal to do with rounding it out and finishing it all off.!evan-shapiro/ca0q