Tag: David Bowie

David Bowie’s death has triggered global reactions of grief, loss and contemplation of the meaningful impact this very special human being had upon individuals and global culture. I’m sure there were plenty of other people who also passed away that day, whose loss in people’s lives will be profound. But why has the loss of Bowie had such far reaching affect? You could also ask the same about his life. The answer is the same. Bowie chose to live his life in a courageously creative way. He resonated with so many of us because he chose oddity over conformity, not through a blind rebelliousness but through an intelligent, compassionate and enlightened exploration of humanity and his own identify.

With Space Oddity Bowie took us outside our little blue planet and asked us to see ourselves from a different perspective. From there he never stopped. His many personas explored the diversity of what it means to be human. No right or wrong, none better than another, just different. He spoke to many of us because, although we will never know him personally, he gave us his human perspective. He inspired us to create our own lives in ways that are meaningful to us as individuals and respectful to the global community. The artist is often revered by the society that is too scared to embrace life beyond its own constructs.

Bowie’s final project, Black Star, is a beautiful legacy, as is his entire body of work. His final gift, made while he knew he was dying, is daring, creative, meditative and moving. How very Bowie, how wonderfully human. I’m truly grateful this person named David Bowie was here. While he is no longer among the living, along with countless others, I will continue to gain pleasure and understanding from his work.