In the streets

This morning I saw a post from a teacher I know in Nepal. It showed two¬†young children sleeping in the streets of Kathmandu. I found the image heartbreaking. I don’t know who these children are, if they have been helped or if they continue to live life on the streets. Having worked on projects that help disadvantaged children in Nepal I know I have helped some children and I know other people doing the same, but here are two children that I can see but have no way of helping. It seems to me that if collectively we put the rights of children at the forefront of every decision made, and I mean every decision, then this situation would change. It sounds idealistic but surely it is something that as a species we could get our heads around. I don’t need to imagine¬†if these were my children or not. To me it feels like they are my children. They are human and I am human, it is no more complex than that. They are young and vulnerable and deserve protection and nurturing, not the opposite.

What do you think?