While writing my new novel MY FATHER’S TIME, I’ve been contemplating the nature of time. It has occurred to me that out of everything we may perceive, time, is the one thing of most value.

You can collect objects, buy houses, music, have nice clothes, even surround yourself with people you love. However, your possessions will hold no value when you no longer have time to spend with them. It is your time and your projection of meaning that gives objects, people or activities a sense of worth.

If someone wastes your time, they are wasting your life. Sounds dramatic, but it is true. Your time on this planet is finite. Even if you believe in reincarnation, your time as the person you currently are is limited. We are defined by that limitation, yet many people live as though there is no limitation and don’t’ value their own time or the time of people around them.

So I ask you, from one human being to another, to consider your time and the time of those around you. Consider the opportunity time brings to your existence, while the window is open.

What do you think?